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Gerard Barberine

Gerard Barberine

Gerard Barberine Jr. passed away Saturday evening June 22, 2013 from a suden heart attack. 

Gerard was a member of "Strawberry Fields" The Touring Cast of Beatlemania, Ringo impersonator on Drums, Percussion and Lead Vocals.

The son of a drummer, Gerard actually can't believe his luck to be performing as his idol, Ringo Starr, in the Ultimate Beatles Tribute Band on the Planet, "Strawberry Fields!" Gerard comments: "Of all the projects I've been involved with, ‘Strawberry Fields' is, without a doubt, the most exciting and rewarding group I've ever played with." Gerard brings to the stage Ringo's familiar mannerisms, as well as the flawless drumming musicality so familiar to the hardcore Beatle fan which has become our best audience for over a decade featured at one of the longest Running Beatles Show on Broadway at BB Kings Blues Club in Times square, New York.  He's probably the best "pure" drummer ever to portray Ringo - case closed! Gerard prides himself in using authentic Ludwig drums, Zildjian cymbals, a myriad of new, unique, and colorful costume changes, and of course, an arsenal of Ringo rings which are naturally Ringo's trademarks. Oh yes, we've forgotten one other thing - Ringo's nose! Gerard will be sorely missed by not only by his wife and son, his family, bandmates, friends and fans.


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06/24/13 01:33 PM #5    

Gail Mooney (Robinson)

I didn't know Gerry in school. It was only over the past couple of years I got to meet him. Twice while playing with Pete Brasino at gigs and last  year at the '72 pre-reunion night when all the guys played. He was quite the guy and muscian. I feel so badly for his wife and son, and all his old friends that will miss him and his drumming. RIP Gerry

06/24/13 05:05 PM #6    

James R. Reynolds

This is truly unbelievable. I was just talking to him the other day.  I'm in total shock.  He was a great guy..

06/24/13 05:55 PM #7    

Diane Cusimano (Greene)

Dear Jerry,

It was so wonderful to have had the opportunity to catch up with you in March when I was doing my reunion phone calls.  We laughed like children about all of our antics in elementary school and how we so loved our third grade teacher, Miss Miller.  We sang our favorite Beatle songs to each other and although we hadn't spoken in 20 years, not a moment was lost between us.  You were so looking forward to getting together with all of us at the reunion.  I promised you that a trip to your show was on my bucket list.

You were the consummate gentleman and I will always cherish the sound of your sweet voice and the beat of your drums.  I am certain you are making beautiful music with all of our friends in heaven.  You left us too soon but in my heart, I know that we will meet again.  God bless you and your dear family.




06/24/13 07:48 PM #8    

Sal Devito

I knew gerry  since I was a kid.  He and his family always treatet me well.  I will miss him     Rock on


06/24/13 08:38 PM #9    

Pam Rodriguez (Healey)

How shocking and sad about Gerry. I am so glad I was able to reunite with him at two performances by Strawberry Fields.

Such a generous and kind hearted person. He and his bandmates was so wonderful when I met them. My heartfelt sympathy to his family.  A very talented person

06/25/13 09:15 AM #10    

Jean Dormody (Cerciello)

This message was posted on Facebook "In Memoriam: PLAINEDGE

Hello everyone,

This is Kelly, Gerards step daughter. Thank you so much for the overwhelming outpouring of love and support. Our family is comforted by these messages and by the evidence of the positive feelings Gerard shared with each of you. Following Gerard's express wishes, he was cremated today and will be remembered by his family in a private ceremony. We feel his spirit will best be celebrated through a joyful musical celebration. A memorial concert is in the works...details to follow. With love, the Barberine Family.

06/25/13 08:15 PM #11    

Deborah Morris (Wilm)

OMG.  I can't believe it!  He had so much to offer this world while we were growing up and now.   His humor, and love for life was beyond.  Can still see him boppin' down the hallways with his big afro and enjoying the world  He alway made me smile in any setting we were in.  Will alway remember and miss him.  Prayers with the family for sure.  

RIP dear Gerry.  xo



06/27/13 08:34 AM #12    

Glen Davis

I read about an old friend Monday morning.  For the most part, after school ends, we all move on to our lives and the paths that we take.  Some stay close, some disappear to parts unknown, and others just move on with their lives.  Yet, we all still have somethings in common.  Our memories are what will always bind us together.  They, for the most part, are are very comforting to us all.   To me, Gerry brings back very fond memories.  I feel that if I was to bump into him at any time, we would just laugh and talk about when we were young.  He is still eighteen to me.  I have frozen him in time.  I am sure he was the same today as when he was eighteen.  Probably even better.  Age tends to make us all better, even if we don't look it.  I look forward to September, but now it will be sadder.  When we lose someone, it makes you look at your own life and want to use it to the full. Any day could be your last. 

To Gerry's family, we cry for you and we cry with you.  Your loss is unbearable 


06/28/13 01:11 AM #13    

Gene W. Barber

It has taken me all week to compose myself to write anything about my oldest and dearest friend.  We have been friends for 50 years which started when my family moved to N Massapequa in May of 1963.  Jerry was my first friend in the area and became my closest friend before long.  We did everything togehter and had many firsts together that I can't write about here.  Our families were one over all these years celebrating life, holidays and the passing of our nearest and dearest. Jerry was exactly one week older than me and our younger brothers (both named John and in the class of 75) were also best friends.  This got quite interesting when all four of us were on the same little league team, it made our coach nuts.  Our youngest siblings and our  parents were also best friends.  Jerry had so much to offer and had a personna that no one could forget even if they only met him once.  He was a phenominal musician and a very creative and talented artist.  His creative capability was incredible.  In all these years I cannot remember him having a bad word to say about anyone.  His enthusiasm for life was something we should all pay attention to.  He called me about a month ago to tell me that Paul Shaffer from Letterman had come to one of his shows at BB King's and had seen them back stage and then sat in on one of their sets.  Jerry was so excited he could hardly contain himself even though he had met numerous rock legends over the years.  He will be missed by all who knew him but especially by me and his family.  Rest in peace my Brother. 

09/27/13 09:38 PM #14    

Carrie Saperstein Myers (PHS '75)

Not only was Jerry a joy to perform with in the PHS Band, he brought a great spirit to the marching band as well. I also  remember his gigs with the super-talented band, Assembly,  composed of PHS classmates. They rocked the HS gym, Marjorie Post Park, and area clubs. I regret I never made it to a Strawberry Fields gig, but I will always be grateful for knowing him and practicing cadences he wrote down for me in the bleachers during marching band practice. I became a drummer- and so did my son. I have thought of him often, and always will.

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